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About Corporate Commercial Surveyors

Our commitment is to provide innovative property valuation solutions for our clients which ensures that the valuation of their commercial property is correct. In doing so this can mitigate against the severity of unexpected — and unwanted — backdated bills, secure appropriate reliefs, allowances and adjustments and also savings against historic and future overpayments of business rates.

We pride ourselves on acting with integrity and care when it comes to understanding our clients and their business premises; consistently thinking outside the box to deliver a personal, clear and considered suite of solutions that meet their needs.

Our Survey Department provides high level experience and understanding in ensuring businesses across England and Wales have a Rateable Value that is correct and fair, securing any savings that our clients are entitled to.  Our team have generated millions of pounds in savings for businesses by correcting unfair and inaccurate rating assessments.

With the help of our experience, you can rest assured that your business rates valuation (rateable value) is correct and fair.

It costs nothing to find out if we can help your business save thousands of pounds as a result of an incorrect Rateable Value being applied to your property.

How Do We Correct Your Business Rates Liability?

One of our assessors will visit your property to complete an initial on-site inspection. Following the inspection, the assessor will then discuss their findings with you, and demonstrate initial comparable evidence to illustrate a case that would support a reduction in your business rates liability.

At this point they will give you the option to instruct us.

If you instruct us, your case will be reviewed in the Survey Department to assess whether it meets the criteria for the submission of a case to the Valuation Office Agency.

Once appointed by you, CORPORATE COMMERCIAL SURVEYORS’ (CCS) Surveying & Audit Department will assist in registering your property and CCS’ as your agent with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), on the Government Gateway.

This allows CCS’ surveyors to start the process of formally reviewing your business rates and notifying the VOA of our interest in the property.

One of our surveyors will visit your property to complete the full inspection of the premises and, where appropriate the profit and loss accounts for the business.

Following the survey, the details will then be sent to your caseworker to carry out additional research to build a case for submission to the VOA, as well as detailing any relevant case law or legislation.

Where the surveyor has identified a possible reduction in your business rates liability they will lodge a check as part of the Check Challenge Appeal process.

In addition to this our audit team will undertake a forensic review of your account with the local authority to identify any further or additional savings to be made.

CORPORATE COMMERCIAL SURVEYORS (CCS) will continuously review your case looking to identify any potential further reductions that can be achieved.

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