11 January 2023


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The 2023 Rating Period is here… but it is not too late to take action on your 2017 rating assessment!

As an Agent of the Valuation Office Agency we can help you correct your assessment for both the 2017 and 2023 rating periods. In recent conversations with the VOA we have been advised that it is still possible to take retrospective action against our client’s 2017 rating valuations.

We can provide our clients with support in claiming their property and registering us as their Agent for historic appeals against their business rates liability… going back as far as 1st April 2017.

We will provide the necessary supporting evidence to the VOA about any changes that need to be recorded against the assessment (valuation) enabling the VOA to correct the current assessment as well as take the necessary data changes back in time where appropriate.

Once we are appointed as your agent, and you have claimed your property we will be able to view your property’s valuation and confirm or change the property details as necessary.

Once a Check case has been submitted you will receive a notification with a case reference number.

At this point the rateable value may change based on the information we provide to the VOA.

You will receive notification via email when correspondence has been issued, viewable by logging in to your online account.

After we have submitted a check, and received the decision, we can then submit a challenge if we don’t agree with the RV applied to the property by the VOA.